Meet Nhimsa Champaneri, LAc

Nhimsa brings a deep kindness and presence that allows the unravelling of inner vitality and effervescence in all her patients.  

Nhimsa has been in practice since 2008, and has followed a life long journey into the realms of consciousness, bio-energetics, and spirituality, developing skills in a wide array of healing modalities including Chinese, Ayurvedic, Naturopathic nutrition, and herbalism.  She gracefully integrates Traditional Chinese Medical diagnosis and treatment methods with the wisdom of plant essential oils, Shiatsu, Acutonics, medical qi gong, and multiple meditation practices. Her voyage into the exploration of Eastern Medicine began as a young girl in her home kitchen on the principles of Ayurveda with her very first teacher, her Mother.  She offers a unique use of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as a pregnancy Birth Doula. Her steady, grounded presence provides a nurturing container, while her knowledge of gentle, non-invasive healing techniques supports the pregnant mother-to-be in physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions from conception, to birth, and through postpartum.

Nhimsa’s Treatment Focus & Specializations

Women’s Care

Deeply listening and supporting women of all ages is a primary aspect of my Acupuncture and Herbal practice.   As women we are in relationship to a dynamic, powerful, and ever changing internal rhythmic portal.  Which is completely in sync with the rhythmic cycles of nature.  We carry the seed of creation within our womb. Therefore it is so important that we nourish and feed that aspect of our biology, no matter what age and cycle we are in,  be it Mother, Maiden, or Crown.

During the many initiatory shifts that women journey through; like PMS, fibroids, menopause infertility, birthing, and postpartum, the upmost care and attention is needed.  During our treatment sessions we create the time and space for this loving care,  which supports  women to delicately mother their wombs, spirit and emotions.  This body-mind-spirit trinity is a highly adaptive system, that when given the right attention, deep nourishment, and loving focus has the ability to maximize and manifest into its highest potential.  The appropriate attention and nourishment can occur through  the use of acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion,  gua sha, and emotional guidance.

I also offer labor support, and extensive postpartum care. Both of which I am deeply honored to partake in.  This powerful portal of birth, transformation and new life has its own twist and turns for both mother and child. With the use of acupuncture and other modalities we are gently able to support efficient and effective labor as well as address any postpartum complications like stalled labors, insufficient lactation, hemorrhoids, postpartum depression, and newborn care.

Pain Relief

I have many years of experience, and training in pain relief……from auto accidents, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, tennis/golfers elbow, sciatica, overall body aches and muscle tension, sports injuries, and more.

Most Americans are in chronic pain of some kind, and they believe that its just a normal part of life or growing old. They also believe that their only course of action to address their pain limitation and constraints is to live with it, take potentially harmful medication or have invasive surgery.  Acupuncture seems to be the last resort, after they have tried everything.  Make this integrative medicine your first first choice for pain relief.

Other Treatments

I also address endocrine imbalances, stress reduction, trauma, anxiety, depression, insomnia, allergies, colds & flus, respiratory and digestive imbalances.

I look forward to supporting you, your family, and your community in a having more Vitality!

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